The Benefits of Using a Mortgage Calculator: How Home Loan Calculators Can Help Choose the Best Mortgage

Choosing the best mortgage isn’t always that easy. There are all kinds of variables involved in the process that may not be immediately obvious when an individual looks at the deals and rates on offer. Getting the right loan may involve taking a broader look at what it means in financial terms over the years. A mortgage calculator can be a useful way of doing this.

What is a Mortgage Calculator?

These tools are widely available online and generally offer the individual a quick and easy way of calculating different mortgage costs. The solutions that may be on offer can vary but most will provide one or more ways of calculating home loans and comparing cost options. People using these mortgages often find them useful because they allow them to look at different scenarios before they choose a solution that suits them.

In some cases, the individual inputs all the relevant data (i.e. loan amount, term and interest rate) into the calculator and clicks to see the results. In others it may have preset data in some/all of the fields which can be useful when comparing a range of standard loan types. These fields can often be changed to show different options.

What Can Mortgage Calculators Do?

Not all calculators will offer exactly the same options but commonly allow a consumer to:


  • Calculate mortgage payments based on the value of the loan, its term and its interest rates.
  • Compare the differences between different types of mortgages, their rates and terms.
  • Compare rates and deals to see which will be most cost effective in both the short-term and in overall repayment.
  • See how making extra payments can lessen the term of the loan and decrease the overall cost of the loan.
  • Look at how making changes to loan amounts, terms and interest can lower monthly payment costs.
  • Get estimates on how much they may be able to borrow.
  • See amortization schedules to assess how much of their payments go towards repaying their principal and how much towards their interest.
  • Establish refinancing or second mortgage options.
  • Find out how much a mortgage will cost in total over a specific term or range of terms.

Each individual may use a home loan calculator for different reasons. These are, in all cases, however useful tools that can help make complex calculations simple. People tend to make better financial decisions if they are informed about the choices they are making. This kind of loan is a major commitment to make and spending a little time investigating options and considering true costs may be worth doing.